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Company for Bread

The Fanfiction of rosepetal9

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"'The compelling sequel to Bread Alone'? Clearly the only possible sequel to a book with a title like that is Company for Bread." - my friend Mindy, while we idly perused a used bookstore in Oregon

... and that's where the title is from. I've never read Bread Alone, nor do I entertain notions that it is comprised of (mostly Doctor Who-based, but spanning more than that alone) fanfiction written by a twenty-something* California girl with an unhealthy appreciation for all things British, but since you just can't pass up a title like that, and since I clearly can't use it without paying proper respect to from whence it came, I give you the real 'compelling sequel to Bread Alone'... my fanfiction archive.

* Well, I say 'twenty-something,' but this is not a new hobby of mine, so pretty much anything dated before my attempted revival of said habit (June 2010) is actually written by a nerdy teenaged California girl whose attention-deficit tendencies were neatly balanced by her obsessive-compulsive ones, who was still obsessed with all things British, but hadn't noticed the pattern yet.